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Top Row Left: Main Street of Ayr.

2nd Row Left:  Roundabout and Welcome Sign.

3rd Row Left: Main Street and Roundabout.

Top Row Right: Kalamia Mill, a typical sugar mill.

2nd Row Right: Burdekin Bridge and Inkerman Mill (another sugar mill near Ayr).

3rd Row Right: Burdekin River and bridge.

Photos of the Burdekin Dam scheme, & Lake Dalrymple: (click images to see larger images)

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Top Row Left: Lake Dalrymple behind Burdekin Falls Dam.

2nd Row Left: An aerial view of the dam wall.

Bottom Row Left: View of the dam wall from the lookout on the northern side of the dam.

Top Row Right: Burdekin Falls just downstream from the dam.

2nd Row Right: Another aerial view of the southern side of the dam.

Bottom Row Right: A pumping storage near Clare where water is channeled to farms.

Photos of the house and my father & grandmother: (click images to see larger images)

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Top Left: This is a more recent photo of my grandmother and me at my home at Ayr.

Top Right: My father and me in at Tolmer Falls, Litchfield Park, near Darwin, Northern Territory.

Bottom Left: This is another recent photo of my grandmother at the front of the house.

Bottom Right: My father standing at the lookout at Alice Springs, Northern Territory.

Photos of Tropical Cyclone Aivu lashing the Burdekin in April 1989

Top Left:         Tropical Cyclone 'Aivu' howling around while approaching the coast at the front of my house.

Top Right:       Iron roof sheets blown over the backyard of our house at Ayr from Tropical Cyclone 'Aivu'.

Middle Left:    A badly damaged house which was struck badly.  Fortunately my house wasn't hit as bad.

Middle Right:  The Burdekin Theatre with the roof ripped off.  Was opened in 1982.         

Bottom Left:   One of the Railway sheds, together with the old Ayr Railway station was badly damaged.  A replacement railway station was built thereafter with strong concrete brick structure.

Bottom Right:  One of the trains at Ayr's Railway Station blown over by Tropical Cyclone 'Aivu'.

Photos of the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Torch Relay at Ayr, QLD

Top Left:          A picture of me holding the Olympic torch

Top Right:        The Olympic flame lit in the caldron at Ayr, with a group of people performing

Bottom Left:    The Olympic flame arrives at Ayr's Rugby Park

Bottom Right:  Me standing in front of the Olympic flame at Ayr's Rugby Park

Photos of the snow storm near Sydney in August 2000

Above: Snow storm brewing at 3 sisters, Blue Mountains, Katoomba, the same snow storm I got caught in outdoors for the first time.  Note it looks like a normal rain shower - only it is thicker and heavier.  Boy it (the ice) hit me very hard, and very cold as well!

More photos will be put at a later date.

Photos and maps are now scanned using a Hewlett Packard ScanJet 5200c Scanner (a newer USB based scanner replacement to the SCSI ISA based HP Scanjet 5p scanner which was sold recently).

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